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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

How to Pray More Environmentally Sensitively

By: SCCB French Correspondent Henri Embecile

Chopeque, QC - The air is going to get a little clearer Monday nights at the St. Hyacinth du Petis Pond rosary meetings.

To mark the release of Pope Francis' environmental encyclical, the rosary group has decided to wear training masks while it prays.

The masks are designed to mimic training at high altitudes, and, as such, restrict the flow of oxygen, so as to strengthen the lungs, thereby giving athletes optimal pulmonary conditioning.

"Pope Francis is calling us to be more environmentally sensitive. Since the Church is about prayer, we naturally ask, what can people who pray do to save the environment? The answer is obvious: use less oxygen," said prayer group leader, Stefan DuBrumiliare. "Less oxygen used means less CO2 produced. It's as simple as that!"

Some of the group is very excited. Claire Routundar, said that she will just keep her mask on after her Monday night yoga class.
Mme Routundar is very excited about the changes to the prayer group.

Other have their misgivings. Eighty-three year old, Helene Monard, stated that she has enough trouble breathing as it is, "And besides, I can barely hear the prayers through those things!"

"Yes, there will be costs to being more environmentally sensitive," said DuBrumiliare. "But this is the only world we have. We can't hope to get another one. People often act as if we can just get another world when this one passes away. That's not very Christian! Pope Francis is making that very obvious to all of us."

"If their was nothing the rosary group could do in response, why would the pope even write such an encyclical?"

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