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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Seminarian's Transition into "Other Christ"

By: SCCB Staff

New York, USA - With typical perfect consistency, Vanity Fair magazine is following up its celebration of Bruce Jenner's transformation into 'Caitlyn' with a cover story featuring Jacob Brunning's transformation into an alter Christos ('another Christ') at his ordination to the priesthood.

"Millions upon millions of people around the world believe that at his ordination a priest is really transformed into something else, something more. It is time we celebrated this; it is time for these people to move out of the shadows to be seen for what they are," said Vanity Fair editor, Delilah Shamey.

"Some are even calling for special bathrooms for them in public places. I am all for that. Some are even pushing for special legislation to protect them from discrimination," she added.

The young ordinand said that, "People in the Church have been really great - so affirming and proud of me. Do I face bigotry? Sure. I get looks every time I go out in public with my collar on. I hear the whispers and the jokes about altar boys. But it's all worth it to proclaim to the world what I really am."

"When we began researching this story I thought surely this can't be a very common thing, but then I found out that there are more than 400,000 people in the world just like Jacob! How can this kind of ignorance go on in the 21st century?"

"I know people will respond to Jacob's story. In this modern world we have moved beyond our narrow prejudices and are finally ready to accept people for what they really are, for what they really believe about themselves," said Shamey.

* Update: As of yesterday, Vanity Fair has decided that it will not be covering Jacob Brunning's story. In a related story, Delilah Shamey has been replaced as editor of the magazine.

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