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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Picture of Nun Playing Softball Sign of Vitality

Buffalo, New York - A picture of a nun has captured the imagination of young people and has set the internet ablaze, according to Sr. Helena Found, vocation director for the Nuns of St. John Paul of the Holy Eucharist and Divine Mercy (JPHEDM).

"People are beginning to see that nuns are just like you and I," said Sr. Helena.

"Wow, who could believe that one day we would see nuns playing. And I thought all they did was hit kids with rulers - at least that's what I was always told," said People magazine journalist, Janet Redmond.

"The picture of the nun playing softball will be one of those pictures that captures the imagination of a whole generation. That's why we featured it on our cover," Redmond added.

It was widely reported that a bidding war had erupted between several publishers for the rights to the picture, with National Geographic just losing out to People.

"It's a clear sign that the Church is changing. Sociologists would say it's the 'Francis Effect' in action. Nuns have never done this kind of thing before. It's truly revolutionary," said NYU Sociologist, Martis Norman.

Although the JPHEDM Sisters haven't gained any new postulants yet as a result of the media attention, the phone in their house has been ringing non-stop, it seems. "We have had three calls," said the superioress, Mother Jude, "All from women who want to come visit the order with the 'sporty nun' in it. Two of them asked what her BFI is - body fat index, evidently; another asked what kind of cardio she does."

"At first I didn't quite know what they meant by 'sporty nun' - most of our sisters exercise - and then I saw the news and I realized, oh, the world is at it again."

"If there is one thing the world likes it's nuns doing things that are not specifically nun things," the superioresss said. "Isn't it just hilarious when nuns do regular-people things? Because what we need is more regular people, clearly."

Jo Piazza, author of If Nuns Ruled the World, took that picture as a "wonderful sign," stating that, "This is a clear sign that nuns are beginning to grow up and realize that the world is where it's at. You can't run away from responsibility. What a great world it will be when nuns remember their true calling is to serve the world, that is to say, when nuns realize that they should be liberal activists and not nuns at all."


  1. I saw a picture of the Pope getting new glasses the other day. "Wow," I thought, "he can shop like ordinary people do!" It made me want to become a pope too.

  2. Glasses are for nerds. Are you saying the pope is a nerd?!