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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Pope Benedict on Pope Francis

By: SCCB Staff

Vancouver, Canada - A conference was hosted last weekend at St. Mark's College at the University of British Columbia with the title, "Two Popes, One Spirit," highlighting the role of Benedict XVI and Francis in the Third Millennium Church.

Talks were given by a number of experts from a cross section of disciplines, but the clear highlight was a Skype talk given by His Holiness, the Pope Emeritus. The talk was streamed in from Benedict's home in Rome to the more than three hundred conference attendees.

Prof. George Riley, an economics professor at Cambridge, who was presenting a talk entitled, 'The Popes and Global Migrations,' said that it was especially moving to hear Pope Benedict say, 'I really like Pope Francis and everything he is doing. Sure, it is the exact opposite of everything I did, but you know.'"

Dr. Janet Smith, well-known professor of moral theology from Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit, largely said the same, "There is no question that these popes are very different - for instance, Pope Benedict loved the Catholic intellectual tradition and used it as a resource in his spiritual ministry while Pope Francis completely ignores it - but in every other way, they are so much alike."

Mark Shea, possibly.
Mark Shea, official apologist for Pope Francis at the National Catholic Register, was also present at the conference. And had this to say, "I think the conference was aptly named. Clearly they have one spirit, the Holy Spirit. Of course, Pope Benedict was trying to make annulments harder and Pope Francis is trying to make them easier, but they were popes in very different times, so it all makes sense."

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  1. Wow ... This almost sounds like real reporting ... And how's you get that pic of my fiancee's friend's boyfriend? Cause Mark Shea is Ginger Jesus all the way.