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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Pope's Reforms Target Confirmation

By: Carlo Guidowendo, SCCB Italy

Emilia fills out her form the day after her confirmation,
dreaming of the first man she will merely presume she is married to.
Vatican City - In keeping with his desire to streamline annulments, Pope Francis has now decided that annulment forms be handed out to all the newly confirmed by the bishop immediately after the rite has been performed. 

"The forms will already be partially filled out and they really just have to add their signature and that of the person they mistakenly marry that one time," said Vatican Undersecretary in Charge of Pastoral Initiatives, Msgr. Inigo Bonaforte.

"And not only that, the forms are going to be much more user-friendly. The important parts will have boxes to check off, or other visual aids, making it so simple that a child could fill them out, which is something that is actually going to be happening," added Bonaforte, "especially when it comes to the Eastern Rites."

Sample question from new form.
Bishops across the world have been a little surprised over the changes, but some, like Bishop Hall of Georgetown, OH, welcomed the changes, stating that "it appeals to all sorts of learning styles."

"Besides," the bishop added, "We have to face up to the reality that most people need to actually be married for a while before they can really decide if it's their calling."

Chad Buckford, a sixth-grader from Georgetown who will be confirmed in a few years said, "I think the one-free policy is a good one, because this girl in my class, Jane, was my girlfriend at the start of the last school year and then I realized that she likes Twilight and I was like, no way, so I broke up with her and so now her best friend, Sally, who likes hockey, just like me, is my girlfriend."

Msgr. Bonaforte said there are many other exciting aspects of the new form. "For instance, if you agree to take in a refugee family, your annulment application will be moved to the top of the pile."

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  1. Ouch! You took a double stab in this one! Well played!