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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Rosica's Notes

SCCB Staff, Special Pope Francis Comes to the US Report

Rosica's Notebook

Washington, United States - Pope Francis' visit to the US might still be a week away, but Salt and Light CEO, Fr. Tom Rosica, is way ahead of the game.

A copy of Rosica's notes on the pope's speeches (which he is yet to give and copies of which have not yet been released) has been obtained by SCCB, which we are happy to release in full, for what it reveals about how the mind of a great modern Catholic journalist works.

The underlined portions on the left are, evidently, comments made by the pope. To the right appear to be Rosica's comments.

"We are very lucky to have this notebook, as it is truly a piece of history to pass down," said Salt and Light intern, Jenna Esterbrook, who discovered the notebook.

"There was another page that had been ripped out and balled-up in the garbage can. It had a bunch of heavy pencil lines crossing out what appeared to be phrases like 'abortion,' and 'traditional family,' but I couldn't really make them out," Esterbrook added.

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